Perhaps a bit dramatic, but FINALLY!  We can have hard-boiled eggs again!  I love eggs.  Obviously.  But once we started getting farm-fresh eggies from the ladies, I became a wee bit of a snob d’oeuf.  Scrambled eggs at our favorite breakfast place?  Nah.  Mine are better.  Omelette bar?  Eh. Deviled eggs?  Ok, I’ll always eat a deviled egg. Especially because hard boiling day old eggs is IMPOSSIBLE. We tried everything. I read the definitive guide to boiling eggs a la Bon Appétit but no luck. I tried every secret amazing trick. Crack ’em in the pot!  Add salt!  Add vinegar!  Boli them cold. Boil them hot. Add eye of newt!  

Didn’t matter.  I’d lose half of the white every time I peeled them.  It made me grumpy and frustrated and sad.  I ruined more than one nail. What’s the point of having 4 million eggs per week if you can’t hard boil them?  Hashtag firstworldurbanhomesteadingproblems! But alas, Farmer Bob stumbled upon a new and improved, sure fire, absolutely foolproof tip!  (Me: Um, it won’t work.  The eggs are just too freaking fresh.  Him: Let’s try it!  Me: Knock yourself out.  Don’t waste too many eggs.)  Holy guacamole peeps.  It works.  EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.  We are crushing some eggs around here.  Dude loves the whites, but not the yolks, which is great for me because I’m all about that fatty fatty goodness.  No one in our house has been hangry in a week, which is a bloody miracle.

As I am not a photographer, and I’m not so great at writing instructions what with my tangents and ADOS (Attention Deficit OOH! Shiny!) I will direct you to this post by Nom Nom Paleo*.  She has adorbs pictures and step-by-step get it done directions.

Now, come buy some of my surplus eggs and go devil them up!

*Disclaimer: I do not eat nor do I promote the Paleo lifestyle.  I do not do CrossFit.  Blame my contrary nature.  Nothing should be all or nothing.  Except for that statement.  But this lady is cute and her foodstuffs look super yum.  Enjoy!


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