The Golden Touch


Oh GoldaLee.  We should have known.  Perhaps the ankles?  The feet?  The exquisite saddle and hackle feathers?  No.  No.  Dr. Google, our top notch veterinarian, assured us that ALL of those things could be the sign of a dominant female.  Once you grew about 50% taller than Ginger, we were more skeptical. Maybe Ginger was just a runty lass.  But oh my.  That brazen COCK-A-DOODLE you let fly, well…that happened.  Sorry old chap.  The city statutes on backyard chickens clearly state that you could not stay.  So back to City Farmer’s Nursery where Farmer Bill kindly arranged for you to move out onto a farm in Lakeside. You are such a handsome fellow, we know those lucky lady chickens will appreciate the eye candy.  Cheers to you, King Midas!

One thought on “The Golden Touch

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