8 Little, 9 Little, 10 Little Chickens

ImageOk, seriously.  We’re done.  For now.  I mean we’re done.  For good.  I think.

Why oh why would City Farmer’s Nursery have had baby dinosaurs chicks luring me in with their fluffiness?  I’m not really sure if it was the deliciousness of our lunch at Nate’s Garden Grill, but somehow I caught Rob in a moment of weakness and we brought home two itty bitty Buff Orpingtons.  It’s been a few weeks now, so they are finally getting their feathers and hanging out with the larger ladies during the day.  By night they sleep in a Rubbermaid bucket with ridiculously awesome upholstery fabric covering the top.  Again, this was an impulse buy so one cannot fault one’s husband for taking said awesomeness and placing it atop the baby-bird makeshift shelter.  Said fabric was on clearance.  It was on clearance.  Deep breath, it was ON CLEARANCE.

We seem to have been able to get the dogs accustomed to these little chicks and it seems like we can almost trust them with the chickens now.  They are generally more interested in the chicken accommodations than the actual birds, so we hope that’s a good sign.  See what I mean?1y2TmdUCG2yMgVr1uK0-AK6YNXv97Pn78ykWuAbT2_8

In fact, Poppy has made herself so comfortable around the chickens that she has become our egg-hunter.  Florence and Lavender went through an Easter Bunny phase and would only lay eggs down the hill, in an undisclosed, undiscoverable, ohmygodaretheyeggboundandgoingtodie location.  This was a bummer because a) the thought of dealing with egg bound chickens so early in the game was not on our list of fun b)we couldn’t find them c) we kinda got chickens for their eggs and d) their eggs are awesome blue and green and we might just maybe covet them a little.  So, as we kept the chickens in their uphill coop/run area for a week to try to reestablish nesting in the coop, Poppy did this.  Like four times.


Bless her heart.  Scout, however, is less interested in birds or eggs, and more interested in sniffing every. single. footstep.


We’re pretty happy with our little (ish?) flock, and I think they are pretty happy too.  They haven’t said as much, but I feel like they are trying to drop subtle hints.  Lavender lets Rob catch her every now and then, Florence is getting picked on less, Gertrude whispers sweet nothings when I steal her egg away from under her (or maybe you’d call it hissing).  I may be personifying a bit.  Yeah, most likely.  I’m pretty sure they have the attention spans of  goldfish  but look at this, I mean…GoldaLee and Ginger are just so sweet!  Could they possibly be any happier?!


Oh, and as a final aside, I love this coop and the way it sits under the Tangelo Tree.  I foresee a broken arm or two in our future when Dude starts climbing  among them.  Ahhhhhh sweet suburban tranquility.


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