And Then There Were Eight


It has been a couple of weeks since the second half of our lovely lady hens joined our backyard menagerie.  The first four (Rosie, Agnes, Prudence and Millicent) weren’t so sure about sharing their new luxury accommodations with their former neighbors.  We expected some backlash from moving two sets of four hens into one coop, but whoa!  We quickly had to make a trip to our local feed store for supplies and I spent about 900 hours Googling “pecking order chickens cannibalism.”

It turns out our sweet Florence is a bit of a dullard, and some of the other ladies are of a mind to punish her for her lack of wits.  Yes, my friends, Flo is dumb even for a chicken.  But, she’s got great highlights and she throws down a gorgeous khaki green egg, so we think that she may just be a bit of a Marilyn Monroe type. In other words, those other chicks are just jealous.  Florence joined us with a big ol’ patch of feathers missing from her luscious behind and with a little help from Blu-Kote, Rooster Booster, Vetricyn and a LOT of free-ranging, the other girls are pecking our poor Flo a bit less these days.  She knows who will tolerate her (her previous three roomies) and who won’t (those snobby Rhode Island Reds and Barred Rocks.)  Who knew we’d be dealing with sorority drama so soon?


Our coop just needs a fresh set of cedar shake shingles, because, you know, these are some picky chickens, and then we will officially be DONE with the world’s most over-thought hen-house.  In the meantime, we are being showered with gorgeous eggs and lots of chicken t.v. time.  The daycare kids just love to babble at the hens and the hens babble back.  There’s really nothing better.

Talk about Easter eggs!

And, without further ado, here are our four newest ladies.

Florence, an Araucana who lays a green egg (See?  Jealousy.)


Gertrude, a French Copper Maran who lays a large brown egg with fine brown specklesImage

Lavender Blue Dilly Dilly , an Araucan who lays a perfectly retro 1950’s diner-style light blue eggImage

Henrietta, a French Copper Maran who lays a large brown egg with large dark brown splattersImage

Next up?  Keeping dogs, babies, and chickens out of the watermelon patch.  Happy Spring!

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